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Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is an adorable country bumpkin with an epic six-pack, but this gal has some serious health problems. Mackenzie suffers from Type 1 Diabetes (she was diagnosed at the tender age of 11), which means she has to follow a strict diet, exercise on the regular, and avoid sugar at all costs.

Mackenzie is a seasoned pro when it comes to managing her diabetes, and now that she's on her way to becoming a household name, she's using her celebrity to educate fans about the dangers of her condition! Mackenzie recently started a blog (creatively named "Mackenzie Douthit's Blog"), and she's determined to help her fellow diabetic homies out. Her sage words of wisdom? Eat a healthy diet and exercise for at least an hour a day!

Credit: Instagram

"A lot of People think that you can eat whatever you want if you just cover it with insulin, but i promise you are doing much harm to your body," Mackenzie writes. "Take good care of yourself while you are young so you won't pay for it in your future. This disease can destroy your eyes, kidneys, heart, body, and can be extremely life threatening. Always eat a clean healthy diet and make sure you get at least an hour of exercise everyday to keep your sugars leveled out."

Who else thinks this girl should go to med school? Clearly she is a genius when it comes to taking care of her hot bod! Although, every case of diabetes is different — for example, Mackenzie can't eat carbs during her period.

"Most of the time guys with diabetes have far more freedom than us girls," she writes. "With all our hormone changes it does a good job at messing with our blood sugars. Usually a week before my monthly cycle, and the week of, I can't eat any carbs whatsoever without my blood sugars going through the roof."

Um, does this mean Mackenzie doesn't eat pasta Alfredo? Because we're pretty sure binge eating at Olive Garden is a requirement of appearing on Teen Mom 3

Source: Mackenzie's Blog