Credit: Instagram

Do you ever find yourself cuddling with your boyfriend (or body pillow, in our case) and think "OMG, what if Satan smites my relationship with his fiery horns?" Because Mackenzie Douthit is totally on board with your fears.

Credit: Instagram

This Teen Mom 3 is currently engaged to her baby daddy, Josh, and both of them are best buds with The Man Upstairs. But despite their close 'ship with God, Mackenzie and Josh fear the wrath of Satan. 

"Lol never let satan rule over your relationship," Mackenzie posted on Instagram along with a series of texts between her and Josh. "And except the fact that your gonna get on each others Nerves ;) nothing will ever come in between me and this guy."

So, what made Mackenzie think Hellboy would unleash his fury on her? Turns out she and Josh have been arguing (but in a cute way!). "Satan tries very hard to get in between us," she texted Josh, to which he replied "We shall defeat him baby."

Aw, how non-satanic and adorable! There's no way Mackenzie and Josh will let anyone come between their relationship, so Satan better check himself before he wrecks himself.