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Hands up if you're jealous of Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie Douthit's amazing post-baby body. Yep, thought so. This Southern sweetheart exercises nonstop and eats a healthy diet — in part thanks to her ongoing struggles with Type 1 Diabetes, which she was diagnosed with at the tender age of 11. Lucky for you, Mackenzie's started a new health and fitness blog, and she has some sage words of wisdom about dieting in a healthy way! Sigh, these Teen Mom 3 gals are the gift that keep on giving.

"Never ever think that starving your self does the trick. Putting your body in starvation mode is not only difficult for it to receive enough nutrition but it  also lowers your metabolism and makes weight loss more difficult," Mackenzie writes. "It's good to eat 6 small meals a day rather than 3 or 4 larger meals a day, for eating more smaller portions shrinks your stomach and allows your body to burn smaller amounts of carbs all day which is good for your metabolism."

Credit: Instagram

According to Mackenzie, eating three large meals is just too much for your body to handle — but if six small meals seems like a lot to manage, fear not! Mackenzie suggests using a food journal to keep track of your calorie intake. 

"That always helped me because sometimes you forget what all you stick in your mouth throughout the day and when you write it down it makes you more accountable," she says. "sometimes your [sic] surprised at all the unhealthy things you consume."

Of course, it's important not to stress out too much about your diet. In fact, Mackenzie fully supports the occasional cheat day! "It's ok to allow your self to eat a few junk foods once in a while, but don't over do it and don't allow it to let you turn back into that life style," she says. 

Real talk, Mackenzie. We're totally going to start up this diet … as soon as we work our way through this jumbo container of shrimp flavored chips.

Source: Mackenzie's Blog