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It's official: Mackenzie Douthit and her fiance are the cutest couple in the backwoods of Teen Mom Land. Mackenzie and Josh are in the thick of wedding planning before their big move to San Diego, and they're more in love than ever! No really, their texts are like God-fearin' version of a Gone With The Wind-themed romance novel. Beyond adorable!
Mackenzie shared a few of her and Josh's text messages on Instagram with the caption "All the wedding talk is getting to me. I just want to be his wife already," and our hearts have pretty much melted into an Ugg-shaped puddle of goo.
The highlights?

Josh: "I will be your man baby. I want to build a stronger relationship with you and most importantly god. I want you to promise me that we will do everything in our power to make our marriage work."

Mackenzie: "You are so amazing to me Josh."

Josh: "You are the woman for me baby and i am glad to be getting married to my baby girl."
Aaand, excuse us while we go sob on our pile of body pillows.

Source: Instagram