Bad news in Teen Mommy Land, y'all. Los Angeles teen Arely Amaya was arrested for putting her children in jeopardy by allegedly leaving them in a hot car while she was shopping on Atlantic Avenue, and now she's facing felony charges!

The worse part? According to KTLA, Amaya locked her kids up for 20 minutes during 90-degree weather, and the interior of her car was 10-15 degrees hotter. Those poor babies must have been sweltering! Apparently, a local passerby saw the uncomfortable children trapped in the car and called the police, who broke in and reported that the kids were "hot and moist to the touch."

"The window was partially cracked," Deputy Mejia says. "I stuck my arm in, unlocked the car, and pulled the children out."  

Luckily, the kiddos were taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation, and Amaya was taken into custody with a $105,000 bail. We assume she had no idea that she was being so irresponsible, but her lack of common sense could have harmed her kids, and will more than likely get them taken away from her.

There's no doubt that Amaya isn't a fit parent, but does she deserve to go to jail for child endangerment?

Source: ktla