Credit: Chelsea Houska Twitter Photo: Chelsea and Aubree Houska on August 13, 2011

Congratulations to Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska, who became an aunt today!

Chelsea's sister, Emily, went into labor this afternoon. "AHH @emilyhouska is having the baby! #WAITFORME #haulingass," Chelsea tweeted.

The event brought back many memories of Chelsea's own experience giving birth to Aubree.

"I'm not even to the hospital yet and I'm already starting to tear up. Oh jeez Flashbacks to when I had aubs! can't wait to meet my niece :')," she later wrote.

Finally, the tiny bundle of joy made her debut. "Ahhh my niece is here! SHES SO CUTE AND TINY!! :')," an ebullient Chelsea tweeted in an update. She also posted a pic of the infant baby girl.

Many best wishes and congratulations to Emily, Chelsea, and their entire family from the Wetpaint Entertainment Team!

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