Credit: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office Photo: Jenelle Evans Mugshot January 16, 2012

Jenelle Evans can't seem to stay out of jail.

The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested again, for the second time in a week, last night. 

Jenelle was arrested on January 10 for allegedly making "harassing phone calls" to her ex-roommate Hannah Inman.

This time, according to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, she was booked for violating a domestic violence order.

Jenelle's manager, Leo Daniels, told Starcasm that Inman claimed Jenelle has continued to harass her and that because of this "BOGUS repeat offense," Jenelle had to stay behind bars overnight.

Jenelle is still on probation from a fight she was in last year, so these new allegations could get her into legal hot water.

She'll head to court on February 6 to face this recent charge.

Source: TMZ, Starcasm

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