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Farrah's too busy making amazing pasta sauce commercials to have time for body piercings.

Despite having an enviable figure, girl has managed to resist the urge to get a belly ring, doesn't have hand-studs (yet!), and hasn't even had her ears pierced. And nope, no tattoos either!

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Credit: Jackson Lee / Brian Prahl, Splash News

The ladies of Teen Mom look fab au naturale — and by that we mean they look fab punched full of glitzy piercings.

Check out Maci, Catelynn, Amber and Farrah's sparkly body art, and remember: Don't try this at home!



Amber's always had, uhm, interesting taste in body art (need we remind you of her giant Leah tattoo?), but when it comes to piercings, she goes all out!

Amber has multiple earrings and a nose ring — but please. Those bad boys are child's play compared to her piece de resistance: hand piercings.

Yep, Amber sports studs in between her thumb and pointer fingers, which we're sure will come in handy if she's ever hitchhiking.



Credit: Instagram

Maci's known for her numerous tattoos, but she's no stranger to elaborate piercings. She loves to show off her belly ring in bikinis, and also sports 2-inch gauges in her ears — much like her co-star, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans!

Out of all the Teen Moms, Maci is the most die-hard when it comes to body art, so we're crossing our fingers that she doesn't have secret nipple piercings.




Credit: Twitter

Catelynn's slightly more conservative than the rest of the Teen Moms when it comes to piercing her bod, but she proudly rocks a simple nose ring and a cartilage piercing in her upper ear.

Frankly, after Amber's hand jewelry, everything else just seems sub-par.