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Like most occupants of Teen Mom Land, Jenelle Evans's new husband, Courtland Rogers, loves himself some decorative body ink. This dude is covered with an array of tattoos, including guns pointing to his danger zone and Jenelle's name scrawled above his heart. The cuteness!

But wait — what's the deal with the enormous 910 tattoo on Courty's chest? It's loud, it's proud, and we're dying to know the meaning behind it! Turns out 910 is the area code for Fayetteville, North Carolina, where Courtland was born and raised (Jenelle confirmed this fact on Twitter).
Good to know that Court is so passionate about his roots! In fact, we might be inspired to tramp stamp our full address on our lower back thanks to this dude.

Now if we could just figure out what the mysterious tattoo that shrouds Courtland's belly button means. Oh well, something to look forward to …

Source: Twitter


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