Credit: MTV Photo: It's Farrah Abraham!

Our wildest dreams (read: nightmares) are about to come true! Word on the Teen Mom block is that Teen Mom's brunette bombshell, Farrah Abraham, has officially inked a deal for her sexy porn flick starring international adult film star, James Deen — and girlfriend is making a pretty penny.

Farrah was initially hoping to nab a cool $2 million for the rights to her sexy romp, but according to TMZ, she's accepted a high six-figure deal from Vivid Entertainment (the world-famous porn studio who brought us Kim Kardashian's tape).

TMZ reports that Farrah is getting close to a million dollars for her tape (cha-ching!), and the best part (read: worst part)? The 70-minute-long pornapalooza is called "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."

Well, this romantic title conjures up all kinds of “not safe for life” images. No word yet as to when Farrah's foray into the world of adult films will debut, but we have a feeling it will be hitting the darkest corners of the internet in a mere matter of days.

Do you think Farrah was overpaid and (more importantly) will you tune in? Hit the comments and dish your thoughts!

Source: TMZ