Please light a candle and form a prayer circle, because we are so worried about Teen Mom's Gary Shirley. This lovable teddy bear has mysteriously lost the use of his legs (insert horrified gasps here), and he's being extremely vague and cagey about the reason why. 

"For 2 weeks coming I'm taking the role of a man who can't use his legs," Gary tweeted. "This is a forced new years resolution. I take this on w pride & pain."

Um, so many questions, including but not limited to 1) Who is going to take care of Baby Leah? and 2) Who is going to tend to Gary's vegetable garden? Those watermelons don't plant themselves, guys!

One of Gary's friends took it to Twitter to ask if he felt better, to which Gary responded "hell no," so we're thinking he must have damaged his legs in some strange root veggie accident. Let's hope this dude's friends and family come through and help him during these next few weeks!