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The Teen Mom ladies might have their choice of hot Southern gents, but these gals are pretty picky when it comes to men. After all, who run the world? Girls. And Beyonce.

OG Teen Mom Maci Bookout and Teen Mom 3 noobies Katie Yeager and Alexandria Sekella
know exactly what they want in a man, so they jumped on board the #IGotAThingFor Twitter hashtag and shouted it out loud and proud! Check out what these hot mamas had to say:

Maci Bookout: "#IGotAThingFor MEN that know when to work hard and when to play hard."

Katie Yeager: "#IGotAThingFor Colorado boys. They breed them good down there :)"

Alexandria Sekella: "#IGotaAThingFor boys with ABS an manners."

Um, we #GotAThingFor Teen Mom, but not gonna lie — we have to agree with Alexandria when it comes to what she likes in a man. There's nothing more amazing than the combination of abs and good manners!

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