Credit: Instagram Photo: Teen Mom Star Ryan Edwards and Girlfriend Kirsten Cooper

It was only a few weeks ago we told you that Teen Mom baby daddy Ryan Edwards had a new lady in his life. Sadly, after announcing that he was off the market a couple weeks ago, Ryan might rejoin the land of the single.

According to Starcasm, Ryan Edwards and new girlfriend Kirsten Cooper may be calling it quits after a romantic weekend gone wrong.

Kirsten, a Virginia native, flew down to Chattanooga, Tenn. Friday, Feb. 22 to meet up with her beau. She stayed with his family and even got to meet his son with Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, Bentley. The next day, however, things went sour.

A source close to Kirsten said the model/student arranged to spend some quality time on Saturday with a relative in the area. When she got in from her day out, Ryan wasn’t there. Not only was he gone, but he didn’t get back until 2 a.m. And when asked why he was out so late, Ryan said that he “was at a business meeting.” Uh, what kind of business is anyone discussing after midnight Ryan?

It was later revealed that Ryan went to a supercross event, sans Kirsten. “They were supposed to go together, that’s why he begged Kirsten to come this weekend,” said a friend.

And things went from bad to worse. Later, Ryan told Kirsten that he had a 30-minute job interview. We understand that things run late, but 5 hours is a little much. Poor Kirsten was stuck at his family’s house “with no food, or transportation” during a weekend that was supposed to be all about them.

Kirsten has since left Chattanooga, and commented on Twitter.

“I think it's safe to say I'm over dating teen dads and gonna stick to snowboarders from now on,” she said.

Ryan has also been posting tweets indicative of an impending breakup.

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Source: Starcasm