Credit: Instagram

The Teen Moms love to voice their worldly opinions about love, friendship, and this week — tanning (duh), so thank goodness for a little thing called Twitter. Check out our roundup of the most OMG tweets of the week!

5. Mackenzie rediscovers her roots: "Back in the tanning world;)"

The only world worth living in, as far as we're concerned.

4. Gary talks about himself in the third person: "Gary's special season salmon filets on a bed of broccoli with his special sauce."

Everything on this plate is special because Gary is special.

3. Jenelle continues to have issues: "Man I spelled my own name wrong in my last tweet."

Sigh, this girl.

2. Kailyn is a lost babe in the woods: "Can someone tell me what chicken stock is? I'm at the grocery store."

Um, it's stock. Made out of chicken.

1. Chelsea dreams a dream (like Anne Hathaway): "Had a dream that my teeth fell out last night...isn't there a meaning to that?!"

Meaning: all your Uggs will burn in freak Ugg fire.