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The Teen Moms love to voice their worldly opinions about love, friendship and — this week — Channing Tatum, so thank goodness for a little thing called Twitter. Check out our roundup of the most OMG tweets of the week!

5. Kieffer muses: "Lol life is beautiful"

He finds humor in the little things.

4. Chelsea daydreams: "Like..........could you even imagine Channing Tatum? (in bed)"

Obviously, this is a rhetorical question.

3. Gary forms a sentence: "I truly very much only like 1 kind of cat."

aka Catwoman

2. Jenelle truth talks: "I'm just Jenelle, like everyone other human being on the earth...."


1. Kailyn dishes her biggest fear: "Javi & I just went through a haunted house and my worst fear is the chainsaw cutting my hair off. "

Otherwise known as a chainsaw massacre. 

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