Why have two babies when you can have three babies, right guys? Exactly. Which totally explains why Leah Messer preggo'd her eggo after just four months of dating Jeremy Calvert! These two fell in love faster than you can say "confederate flag," and before long they were preppin' for baby no. 3.

Jeremy was totally on board with having a kid — but that didn't stop Leah from being nervous about telling him the big news!

"When I took the pregnancy test I was really nervous because I didn't know if it would turn out positive," Leah explains during MTV's Teen Mom 2 After Show. "I was a little bit nervous to tell Jeremy because I didn't know how he'd react. I think before it was just like, 'Oh we're thinking about it,' then it was like if I drop the bomb and this is for real it might hit him really hard. So I was a little bit nervous but then I was happy too."

Jeremy was over the moon about his future bundle of joy, but sadly Leah miscarried shortly after finding out about her pregnancy. The good news? She and Jeremy are currently expecting another baby, and Leah is due to pop any moment! Congrats, you two!

Source: MTV