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Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham hails from the small town of Council Bluffs, Iowa, but this gal is a Floridian at heart. Think about it, Farrah literally can't stop strutting around in bikinis. It's like tanning on the beach was coded into her DNA!

Of course, there are certain things about The Sunshine State that Farrah isn't a fan of, and she's taken it to Sulia to dish. Farrah frowns upon "out of touch people" who are "fake, phony, evil, greedy," hurricane season, expensive food, pricey valet service, and most importantly sex. To use her words, "give it a break people before your body is broken."
Dang, girl! We know Farrah wants to save herself for Mr. Right (amen, sista-friend), but do you think her judgement of those who have "sex, sex, sex" is a little harsh? After all, Farrah had premarital sex and ended up pregnant! You'd think she'd be a little more understanding about other people's choices....

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Source: Sulia