Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Takes Makeup-Free Photo With Son Jace

Is it just us, or are the 16 and Pregnant kiddos growing up freakishly fast? It seems like just yesterday that these little tykes were popping out their mothers' wombs (sorry for that visual), and now they're toddling around, riding dirt bikes, and becoming doctors!

Yep, turns out Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans' adorable son, Jace, wants nothing more than to be a doctor when he grows up. Looks like Jace wants to kind of follow in his mommy’s footsteps — you know, when Jenelle was a medical assistant in-training for five minutes? Good times.

So, what's with Jace's sudden interest in medical school? Turns out this up-and-comer is a Grey's Anatomy fan-boy.

"Watching Greys Anatomy on ABC with Jace before he goes to bed," Jenelle tweeted on April 2. "He picked the show lol. He wants to be a doctor."

We're not sure if Grey's Anatomy is the most toddler-appropriate show in the universe (unless Jace is super into love triangles and open-heart surgery), but whatever floats his baby boat!

And to think, when we were Jace's age we wanted to grow up to be a unicorn. Clearly, he is way cooler than us.

Source: Twitter