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Y'all ready for Story Time With Gary Shirley? Time to grab an organic watermelon and some heirloom tomatoes, because our favorite southern farmer is taking us on a trip to Flashback City to the fateful year that he and Amber Portwood first started dating.

"B 4 my mom knew I had a GF s snuck her n my RM," Gary muses. "she stayed over t nxt day my grandpa was walking by so I pushed her on t floor by t bed. Lol."

Oh, Gary. Pushing girls onto the floor like it's your job. Adorbs! But wait, it gets better.

"It was funny cause I had to go to church nxt day & I was taking her home my G PA came outside asked us if we wanted coffee w a huge grin," Gary continued, adding, "True story the girl was Amber this was like 7 years ago plus."

Sob, memories! The image of Gary shoving Amber off a bed and then bonding with his aged gramps is a thing of beauty, so we can only hope he shares more memories in the near future. Now, excuse us — we have some "Free Amber" shirts to screenprint.

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