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We’ve been rooting for Chelsea Houska throughout Teen Mom 2 as the young mom struggles to balance studying for her GED and raising her daughter Aubree. Luckily, she’s had a lot of help along the way from her very supportive father, but where is Aubree’s daddy/ex-boyfriend? What’s his name again?

Chelsea’s baby daddy is none other than Adam Lind, and the two of them had quite a rocky relationship, to say the least. Adam and Chelsea went through multiple fights and breakups before Chelsea decided enough was enough. She wanted a stable family for her daughter and Adam just wasn’t cutting it. Not to mention, her doting father Randy was always very concerned and skeptical about Adam being good for her.

What’s Adam up to now? He recently broke things off (again) with his latest girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, due in part to Adam’s bad boy behavior. Oh dear.

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