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You troll his Twitter, you've seen him shirtless, and you know every sordid detail about his relationship with Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans — but when will you finally lay eyes on the infamous Gary Head?

Jenelle Evans's ex-fiance has become a nationwide sensation thanks to a slew of breakups, makeups, arrests, and violent outbursts, but the Teen Mommyverse has yet to meet him in the flesh. So, what's the deal — will Gary make his big debut this season?! Don't count on it.

Teen Mom 2's third season was filmed over a year ago, and Jenelle and Gary got together last New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, this means Gary won't be on Teen Mom until Season 4 –– which could be months away!

"I will be on Season 4," Gary tweeted. "Not a total disappointment for the fans that want to see me."

Um, wrong. We're thoroughly disappointed that Gary's mug won't be on our TV screens this season. Sigh, thank god for Kieffer.

Source: Twitter

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