Credit: Instagram

We have no idea how Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has time to work! Between brushing her mermaid hair, huffing flameless Scentsy candles, being a full time mom, and going to school for dentistry, this girl is seriously busy. Girlfriend is basically Wonder Woman, and shockingly enough, she manages to juggle a job on top of all her other responsibilities. And where does Kailyn make her dolla dolla bills? That would be at PetSmart, aka the mother ship.

It's no secret that Kailyn is obsessed with all creatures great and small (she has more pets than she knows what to do with), so we're hardly surprised that she landed a job at puppy central.
"Stick to crate training!!" she advised a fan on March 13. "I work at PetSmart. It works wonders."

Clearly, girlfriend knows what's up! Seriously, (in our best Chandler Bing impression) could this job be more perfect for her? No wonder Kailyn is such a good pet-owner — she knows all the tricks of the trade!

And if you want to take your puppy in to see Kailyn, chances are she works either at PetSmart's Allentown or Nazareth location in the great state of Pennsylvania. Run, don't walk! That Purina puppy chow isn't going to buy itself!

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