Credit: Twitter

Hands up if you're worried about Jenelle Evans's husband, Courtland Rogers? Join the club. This wayward hillbilly (in a cute way, guys!) wandered off into the great unknown after an epic blowout with Jenelle, and he's been hoping around state-to-state ever since.
So, where is Courtland and what is he doing? Driving through the backwoods of West Virginia, that's what. "I am almost threw [sic] West Virginia there are sooo many 18 wheelers out," Courtland tweeted on January 24. Yep, dude is livin' the dream.

Turns out Courtland is on his way back to North Carolina, presumably to work things out with Jenelle before their relationship is completely irreparable. And let's not forget that girlfriend has a lot to be mad about — not only does she think Courtland cheated on her, he up and left town while she was in the hospital dealing with a possible miscarriage!

Courty has a lot of explaining to do, but hopefully he and Jenelle will be on civil terms before the birth of their baby in September.

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