Credit: Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout and Fierce Bentley Celebrate Easter

Maybe the better question is, where isn’t she taking him?

We know that Maci Bookout frequently travels the U.S. for speaking engagements about teen pregnancy prevention, but she often leaves 3-and-a-half-year-old Bentley back home in Tennessee.

However, for her next round of motivational speeches, Maci plans to bring Bentley along for the ride.

On Thursday Maci tweeted, “Virginia today, new orleans tomorrow, chattanooga sunday, michigan monday, new york tuesday, home on wednesday. holy sheeet!”

“So happy bentley gets to travel with me next week and he gets to experience what i do,” she continued

In other words, Maci and her little man will be traveling to five states in just seven days. What jetsetters! 

Hopefully they’ll keep us all updated on their travels and even tweet some cute pics along the way!