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One of the stars of MTV's 16 and Pregnant is making a very serious claim on Twitter. Nikkole Paulun, who we met back in Season 2, is alleging that she was physically abused by her father.

Credit: Twitter

"You NEVER got to see my dad on camera because he's an abusive asshole," Nikkole tweeted yesterday. "One night after Lyle was born her BEAT me up & I literally had to jump out my window & hitch a ride to my bestfriends house to get away."

According to Nik, the abuse was verbal as well. She says he called her a variety of offensive and degrading names, like "whore" and "bitch." Even worse? He apparently said he was going to kill her

You may be wondering, where is Nikkole's mom in all this? 

"My mom thinks that I should get along with him but I don't think I EVER will," she revealed.

This sounds serious! If these accusations are indeed true, we hope she's doing everything she can to protect herself and Lyle. Stay strong, Nikkole!  

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