Baby fever is spreading through Teen Mom Land, and it's latest victim? Jenelle Evans's ex-fiance, Gary Head. This hunky marine has quite the reputation for having a bad (not to mention violent) temper and sordid past, but hey — everyone deserves a second chance  … maybe.

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Gary's all about turning his life around and concentrating on his friends and family, and his latest plan? To have himself a kiddo. "I want a kid," he tweeted on November 8, adding, "I'm 24. It's time for some responsibility."

We're all about Gary becoming a responsible citizen (and there's no denying that he was super sweet to Jenelle's son, Jace), but maybe impregnating some random isn't the answer. After all, it's not like Gary's ovaries will shrivel up if he doesn't procreate. 

Do you think fatherhood is the answer to Gary's problems? Weigh in below!

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