Credit: MTV Photo: Teen Mom 2 Cast Promo Photo for Season 2

By now you’ve heard the rumor that MTV may pull the plug on Teen Mom 2 after Season 4. While it has not been confirmed, nor denied, we thought: What would happen to the girls? So we decided to weigh in — which Teen Mom 2 mom should get her own spin-off? Lets meet our contenders, shall we?

First up, Chelsea Houska:

Credit: Instagram

Chelsea might be a good choice for a spin-off as she’s finally gotten her GED, has been accepted into beauty school, and is putting baby Aubree into daycare. Doesn’t sound too exciting? Just remember she’s got an on-again-off-again relationship with baby daddy Adam Lind, who also has an on-again-off-again affair with Taylor Halbur. That can be interesting, no?


    Next, we have Leah Messer:

    Credit: Twitter

    Leah’s definitely got spin-off potential. Now that she’s popped out baby no. 3 with new husband Jeremy Calvert, she’s got a lot on her hands. The spin-off can follow Mrs. Calvert as she tries to get back into school while raising Aliannah, Aleeah, and the newborn with Jeremy off at his new job. We’ll also get to see how she deals with ex-hubby, Corey Simms, as he gets married to his new fiancée Miranda. Since the Season 3 finale, we’ve been wondering if those two really are over each other...  

    Then there’s Kailyn Lowry:

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    Otherwise known as the poster girl for Teen Mom 2. Kailyn works, she’s in school, she’s raising her son Isaac, and now she’s married to boo Javi Marroquin. But then she’s also got her baby daddy, Jo Rivera, who she’s on not-so-great terms with. Oh, and Jo’s girlfriend Vee, who she doesn’t like. As well as adjusting to life as a military wife, which isn’t easy.

    And last, but never least, we have Jenelle Evans:

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    Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. This girl is never short of drama. If she’s not getting arrested, she’s filing charges on estranged husband Courtland Rogers or ex-fiance Gary Head. If she’s not doing that, Jenelle’s partying it up with friends and battling her demons (and mother Barbara) as best as she can. But as much of a hot mess as she is, Jenelle can make it work. She can focus on getting clean, getting custody of her boy Jace, and going back to school to make something of her life, which could make for great TV.

    Either way you cut it, MTV has a golden spin-off show with any of the girls.