Credit: MTV

Did you guys tune in to this year's Miss America Pageant? Because the awkward dancing was completely amazing, and New York's very own Mallory Hytes Hagan took home the crown! But wait, it gets better. Turns out Mallory is friends with Teen Mom's resident watermelon farmer-slash-acoustic guitar player, Gary Shirley!

"Congrats Mallory on Miss USA [sic]. Remember when you did Leah's hair for me for," Gary tweeted on January 18. "Just thought about that when you were crowned."

Uhm, this story is already amazing. The image of Gary chillin' with Miss America = all our dreams coming true. So, did Mallory respond to Gary's congratulatory tweet? Of course she did, guys, it's Gary Shirley.

"Tell that sweet girl I say hello!" Mallory tweeted. "Hope you are both well. :)"

Tear! Mallory is such a great role model for Leah (especially since her mom, Amber Portwood, is currently incarcerated). Not only does she have a degree from FIT, she has big plans to get another degree in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing. Fingers crossed that Mallory and Gary are biffles for eternity.

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