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Leah Messer has been the most notorious braceface In the Teen Mom world, but she is about to get some serious competition as a metal mouth!

Today, her Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry tweeted, “6 weeks from now this momma will have metal mouth. #braces.” To get her fans excited, Kailyn posted a picture of herself playing with a model mouth at the orthodontist’s office.

When a follower asked why she waited so long to strap on the silver, Kail responded, “Because now is when I can pay for them.”

Credit: Instagram Photo: Kailyn Lowry Has Fun at the Orthodontist

Aww! We’re so happy for her and proud that she made the mature decision to wait until she had the money. That way, she avoids debt! Our girl is gorgeous just the way she is, but if this change makes her happier and healthier, we’re all for it! 

Are you surprised that Kailyn is getting braces? Weigh in below.


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