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Election Day is officially upon us, and the time has come for y'alls to get your vote on. The race between President Obama and Mitt Romney is neck-and-neck, and as usual the Teen Moms have an opinion about who should win. Want to know who your favorite mommy is voting for? You've come to the right place.

PS: We'll add to this list as the Teen Moms come out of the closet about their political preferences!



Katie Yeager: "I'm not sure what the outcome of the election is going to be tomorrow. I was pretty confident Obama was going to take it but now I don't know."

Catelynn Lowell (who is still undecided about this year's election): "Voted for Obama last time."


Farrah Abraham: "Can't wait to #VOTE tomorrow #ROMNEY all the way !! Congrats:)"

Mackenzie Douthit (RT): "I feel like Obama refusing to say 'Under God' in the pledge is reason enough to vote for Romney. #Christianity #itsthereforareason"

Alexandria Sekella: "Obama had four years to get his plans underway. Why is he starting them now? Yep gotta go I hold no confidence in Obama."

Leah Calvert (RT): "Obama better than last time, but again, @MittRomney wins. Good night. #debate."

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