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Love is in the air, Teen Momers! Mackenzie Douthit's baby daddy, Josh, better step to the left 'cause this gal has only has room for one adorable man in her life. And no, we're not talking about that tiny miniature pony she recently bought — we're talking about her sweet-as-pie son, Gannon!

Credit: Instagram Photo: Mackenzie Douthit and Gannon Kiss on New Year's Eve 2012

Mackenzie and Gannon spent New Year's Eve together, and naturally girlfriend couldn't resist planting a kiss on her little cowboy. "Check out my New Years kiss" Mackenzie posted on Instagram along with a photo of herself smooching Gannon. Awww, there's nothing cuter than some mama bear + baby bear love!

But don't worry, y'all. Mackenzie made sure to spend plenty of time with her boyfriend. In fact, these two partied hard all night and got to share a New Year's kiss of their very own –– their third in three years! "Last three years I've had a different New Years kiss with the same guy;) oh yeah :))" she posted on Instagram along with some cute kissy-kissy photos of herself and Josh.

Sigh, excuse us while we live vicariously through Mackenzie while simultaneously binge eating a barrel of ice cream.

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