Credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham spent Valentine's Day styling herself pretty for a fabulous date, drunk-tweeting, deleting said drunk-tweets, and opening R-rated presents. Yep, Farrah didn't get the traditional roses and chocolate this V-Day — instead she got a sexy lace thong!

So, did Farrah's mysterious man give her said naughty underwear? Pshhhh, as if. Farrah is basically a re-claimed virgin — need we remind you of the time she dated one of Ryan Seacrest's assistants and refused to kiss him? There's no way this gal would accept a thong from a new boyfriend, but she would accept it from her sister!

Turns out Farrah's older sis, Ashley Danielson, gave her this naughty pair of panties as a joke gift, but tragic news, y'all. Farrah has since deleted the evidence, so we can no longer check out her thong-tha-thong-thong-thong.

Somewhere, Sisqo is crying.