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There's only one thing more important than Teen Mom, y'all! The presidential elections! Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are going head-to-head this November, and the time has come to vote for your favorite POTUS.

Voicing your opinion is more vital than ever, which is why OG Teen Mom and lover of trucker hats, Maci Bookout, is getting her vote on come November 6.

The problem? Girlfriend still doesn't know who she's voting for! "I don't know yet, honestly," Maci tweeted to a curious fan on October 23. "I need to educate myself a little more on both sides before I decide."

Maci better read up on Mittens and Obama soon — voting day is just around the corner! But if there's one thing we've learned from this gal, it's that it's never too late to brush up on politics and stand up for what you believe in. Follow in Maci's footsteps and vote!

Source: Twitter

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