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By now it's common knowledge that Leah Messer cheated on her ex-husband, Corey Simms, a week before their October 2010 wedding — but is that the only reason the couple's relationship imploded after just six months of marriage?

According to Leah, she and Corey were struggling with a variety of issues, particularly money. However, it appears there are even bigger issues at play. Just before making the divorce final, Corey revealed he can't trust Leah, but she fired back saying he "did wrong" too.

What is she talking about, exactly? When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with one of Leah's close friends, they revealed that the Teen Mom 2 star discovered that Corey was engaged in an "intimate relationship" with someone else while they were still married!

"She was suspicious that he was having a physical relationship with someone else so she went into his Facebook and that’s when she found the messages from the other girl," our source revealed. "It caused a blowout fight between them that was not captured on camera."

Unfortunately, Leah and Corey were unable to settle their differences and learn to trust each other again, so they opted to end the marriage for good in April 2011.

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