Leah Messer is one smart cookie (despite the fact that she can't pronounce "provolone"), but balancing mommyhood with school is almost impossible. Sure, some of Leah's fellow Teen Moms are getting their education on, but lets not forget that Leah is raising not one but two kiddos, one of whom has developmental issues.
This week on Teen Mom 2, Leah revealed that she dropped out of nursing school to spend more time with her family, which is totally understandable but slightly surprising. After all, Leah was doing so well! What went wrong?

"I had to go full time all day because It was a requirement where I did not pass the entrance exam," Leah tweeted, adding "Therefore I was taking classes for morning until late in the evening..."

Now that Leah's pregnant with baby no. 3, we have a feeling she won't be going back to school anytime soon — but fingers crossed that she'll complete her degree once her children are old enough for kindergarten!

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