Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans and Jace Get Ready for a Photo Shoot

Jenelle Evans isn’t afraid to share her feelings on Twitter, and this week she expressed her displeasure with Charles Andrew Lewis, her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy.

“did i mention how much i hate jace’s father ?!” Jenelle tweeted on January 9. “GET A F*CKING LIFEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

When fans asked why Jenelle was blasting Jace’s dad on Twitter, she responded that she resents his lack of effort with Jace.

“i want andrew to see jace…” Jenelle says. “andrew wont make an effort. thats why im mad.”

Andrew might be missing out on his son’s formative years, but Jenelle is convinced that Jace will have a dad to play catch with one of these days.

“jace might not have his father in his life, but he WILL have a father figure in his life eventually,” Jenelle says.

Jenelle’s currently dating Gary Head, and even though their relationship is new, it looks like he’s already formed a close bond with her family. Will Gary be the father-figure to Jace that Jenelle’s been waiting for?

Source: Hollywood Life

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