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You may have noticed that Jenelle Evans was absent from this week's Teen Mom 2 After Show special, and now girlfriend is coming clean about why she wasn't in attendance. And no, it's not because she was in jail. Pshhh!

Jenelle was hospitalized in New York City while filming for MTV, and she missed out on the After Show action!
"While I was in NYC I suddenly had a really bad pain in my stomach," Jenelle explains on Sulia. "I was then rushed to the hospital and come to find out I have numerous of ovarian cysts. The horrible pain I had was because one of the cysts had ruptured so the next day I was unable to film."

Aww, poor Jenelley! Luckily, this gal received treatment for her cysts, and promises she'll keep viewers up-to-date on her side of the story.

"I'm sorry everyone won't get to hear my side but I promise I'll be on Stickam more often for everyone to hear from me," she says. "Thanks for everyone's support!"

It's so sweet of Jenelle to look out for her fans, so make sure to keep her ovaries in your thoughts.

Source: Sulia


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