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Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is leaving on a jet plane — but fear not! We totally know when she'll be back again. This Oklahoma bombshell might be a full-time mom who's busy planning her wedding, but girlfriend is also in beauty school. That's right, she has beauty and brains!

If you follow Mackenzie on Twitter (how could you not?), you probably know that she's been working hard on styling mannequin hair, and it looks like this glamazon is gearing up for a beauty competition!

"On my way to Tulsa for hair state contest wish me luck," Mackenzie tweeted on April 21.

Um, done and done, lady.

So, how long will Mackenzie be fondling locks of love in Tulsa? A whopping two days, and she's more than a little depressed about leaving her fiance, Josh McKee, and their baby, Gannon. "And yes I cried while kissing josh and Gannon by for two days lol," Mackenzie tweeted.

Awww, how sweet! Clearly Mackenzie and Josh are getting along better than ever since reuniting — and we're pretty sure we'd also break down into a fit of sobs if we had to leave our cowboy lover behind for 48 hours. Sigh, the sacrifices Teen Moms make...

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