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Look, we love Gary Shirley with the passion of a thousand vine-ripe watermelons, but we're shocked (shocked!) that he hasn't let Leah visit her mom, Amber Portwood, in jail. In fact, Gary himself hasn't even been to visit Amber. Psshhhh, the organic farm overlords do not approve.

Gary came under fire for keeping Leah from her mom, so he took it to MTV to reassure fans that a visit is in the near future.

"I talked to Dr. Drew," Gary explained. "He said it's really important that kids see their mommy and know they're there, it's really important to the child. I will be taking Leah to see her mother as soon as possible."

Phew! We're thrilled that Gary is finally taking Leah and Amber's relationship into account, but will he actually follow through with his promise? That's the question, y'all. We want to believe that Gary will take a break from picking peppers long enough to visit Ambs in jail, but he doesn't have a great track record when it comes to his baby mama.

Do you think we can trust Gary to let his baby gal reunite with her mommy? Dish your thoughts in the poll!

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