Credit: Instagram

Newlyweds Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are facing some big changes in the near future. Javi just graduated from Air Force boot camp on February 14, which means they'll soon have to pick up and relocate to another city, depending on where he gets stationed.

Kailyn's eager to leave the cold Pennsylvania weather behind, but there's just one problem — most military bases have strict pet policies, so living on-site isn't an option.

"Most bases don't allow Rottweilers," the Teen Mom 2 star tweeted to a fan wondering if they were considering living at the base. "So we weren't planning on it."

Kailyn doesn't know where Javi will be stationed (she's hoping for someplace warm!), but one thing's for sure — the couple's three dogs are definitely coming with!

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