Credit: MTV Photo: Jace and Jenelle Hug in Season 2, Episode 3: Intensive Care

Teen Mom 2’s most wayward teen, Jenelle Evans, has had her ups and downs, but now girlfriend is on track and ready to win her baby back! Jenelle begrudgingly gave up custody of her son, Jace, to her mother, Barbara, in Season 1 — but recently, she’s been tweeting about her plan to fight for full custody.

Jenelle currently lives in her own apartment and is about to start school as a medical assistant. She claims that she’s amended her pot-head ways, and she spends time with Jace every day — including on the weekends when he stays with her.

But if we know Jenelle (and we think we do), she’ll be up to no good in no time!

Should the courts trust her with full-time responsibility of her adorable son, or should Jace stay with Grandma Barbs until Jenelle has a steady income and a level head on her shoulders?