Maci Bookout's Son Bentley “Kicks Daddy’s Tail” at Wii Bowling!

Credit: keek

As if this kid can be terrible at anything! Bentley Edwards, son of Teen Mom stars Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards, does it again, displaying that he’s not only a dirt bike master, but a Wii Bowling pro!

In the video above, we see Bentley kicking his mom and dad’s butt in Wii bowling at Ryan Edwards's home. Maci talks to her boy Bentley as the plays the game with his dad.

“Are you winning?” Maci asks him. “Yes,” replies Bentley. “I’m kicking daddy’s tail.”

Not only is this boy racing against daddy in his dirt bike, but he’s mopping the floor with Ryan at Wii bowling too!

Ryan then responds, “You’re kicking your mama’s tail, because she’s the one that screwed it up.” It seems that Ryan tried to save Maci from a terrible defeat at the hands of their 4 year old, and got the smack down instead. Looks like neither of his parents can master the fine art of Wii Sports and the wunderkind strikes again (pun intended)!

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