Which Teen Moms Have Been to Rehab?
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Which Teen Moms Have Been to Rehab?

When the news broke early this morning that Teen Mom-turned-porn princess Farrah Abraham had checked herself into rehab for alcohol abuse, something seemed oddly familiar. No, it wasn’t the fact that Farrah was once again fighting for the media’s attention. It was the fact that another Teen Mom was visiting a rehabilitation facility to help with a substance abuse problem.

Farrah is certainly not the first Teen Mom star to check herself into rehab. Resident wild child Jenelle Evans has been in and out of rehab since the show’s second season for a variety of reasons. In May 2011 she spent one month at a Malibu treatment center and MTV footed the bill.

"Really, it was a relief to know that I don’t have to go to rehab worrying about [Kieffer Delp] and what he’s doing,” Jenelle said on the Teen Mom 2 After Show in February 2012. “I can just cut ties off and focus on myself because that’s what I need.”

As we all know, Jenelley got back with The Delp several times and her love affair with rehab didn’t end there either. In February 2013, Jenelle checked herself back into rehab in Malibu, and claimed that she was not on drugs, but rather went to the facility for emotional support after a miscarriage and drama-filled relationship with now-estranged hubby Courtland Rogers.

But it didn’t stop there! In March 2013 Jenelle checked into yet another rehab facility, tweeting, “This is for u jace, no one else. If anyone deserves this u do. Love u so much buddy. :’( bye everyone.” Once again, Jenelle’s Facebook page claimed that drugs were not a factor in her decision. Only a few days later, Little J checked herself out of rehab.

Which Teen Moms Have Been to Rehab?
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Claims later came out that Jenelle’s stint in rehab was for relationship addiction, which makes sense considering her catastrophic relationships with Kieffer Delp, Gary Head, and Courtland Rogers led to multiple arrests and drug use.

OG Teen Mom Amber Portwood also spent time in a drug treatment program in February 2012. She even stayed at a halfway house called Sister 2 Sister Ministries while participating in the program.

Unfortunately the program didn’t stick and in June 2012 Amber opted to go to prison instead. She’s currently serving at five year sentence, but could be out as early as October 2013 for good behavior. And according to her brother Shawn, Amber is actually a rehab director in jail!

Are you surprised that so many Teen Moms have been to rehab or are you surprised that there haven’t been more cases? Tell us below!

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