Teen Loses Big After Selling Her Mother’s Necklace Valued at $51K for a Sad $100
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Teen Loses Big After Selling Her Mother’s Necklace Valued at $51K for a Sad $100

A teenage girl in La Crosse, Wisconsin, found out recently that diamonds are not necessarily a girl’s best friend, especially the stolen kind. The Pioneer Press reports that the 17-year-old allegedly stole her mother’s 4.6 carat diamond necklace, which was recently valued at more than $51,000, then sold it to an employee of a Wisconsin jewelry store for a mere $100.

The teen was caught after she had the necklace appraised at the jewelry store Rogers and Holland. No doubt suspicious about why a teenager would have a hugely valuable necklace in her possession, the store contacted the police. At the time of her arrest, the girl had already sold the necklace to the employee of another area jewelry store for $100.

The girl’s mother told authorities that she thought she had lost the necklace in a recent move. Luckily, FBI agents were able to recover the precious jewels and the girl was charged with misdemeanor theft. We’re guessing that in addition to her criminal charges, the young lady will probably also be grounded for life!

Source: Pioneer Press

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