Is THIS the Next Glee? New Teen Series From Britney Spears’s Producer
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Is THIS the Next Glee? New Teen Series From Britney Spears’s Producer

If you’re currently still in the fetal position since the announcement last week that Glee is probably packing it in after Season 6, then you’re in luck. A new made-for-mobile series created by a songwriter-producer who’s worked with Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys recently debuted and is ready to entertain you in all its musical-comedy glory.

HitStreak, which premiered last month on the new free premium content app ShowMobile, is a weekly musical comedy series available on your smartphone. It follows four teenage characters Noah, Brian, Crystal and Mariangeli — all YouTube stars — who are trying to save a legendary Miami recording studio, called "HitStreak," from closing down. Also in the series are Univision star Chiqui Delgado and Howard Hesseman (Head Of The Class). If these characters sound familiar, you might have watched their viral cover videos on YouTube earlier this year, paying tribute to Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Adele, and more.

Is THIS the Next Glee? New Teen Series From Britney Spears’s Producer
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The show’s behind-the-scenes talent is top-notch, too. The series and mobile platform come from Eric Foster White, who has written and produced songs on the 13-times-platinum Backstreet Boys album Millenium and on Britney Spears’s debut album, ...Baby One More Time. And the episodes are written by a writer from Ugly Betty and Samantha Who. That’s a lot of talent on one show.

So how can you start watching right this very minute? Well, the episodes — which are all about three minutes long — debut exclusively every Wednesday on the show’s mobile app, which you can download here. Three episodes have already been released.

You also get extra content every day in between the weekly episodes that keep you engaged with the story, including texts from the cast, Instagram photos, chances to vote to influence the story, and more. It's kinda like if Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) sent you text messages! You can earn virtual stars within the app, which you can redeem for gifts and even a chance to win a trip to Miami and appear in a music video! Nothing wrong with that.

In other words, if you love Glee, you’re bound to love HitStreak, too. So check out the show, and you can be the first to discover the next Lea or Darren Criss (Blaine)!

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11.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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