Teen Wolf Recap For Season 3, Episode 12: “Lunar Eclipse” — Who Died?
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Teen Wolf Recap For Season 3, Episode 12: “Lunar Eclipse” — Who Died?

Last week, Scott, Stiles, and Allison prepared to drown their sorrows — literally. In order to save their parents, they needed to temporarily kill themselves in order to save their parents from the darach. We catch up with them in the afterlife in Season 3, Episode 12, “Lunar Eclipse.”

Scott, Stiles, and Allison are dripping wet in... Heaven’s waiting room? Who knew there’d be so much fluorescent lighting? Or perhaps they’ll run into Dumbledore and Harry Potter in the young wizard’s dream version of King’s Cross station. Instead, the trio finds a tree stump with lots of roots in the big, open room. Scott realizes his tattoo is sort of like the rings of a tree and he decides to commune with nature by touching the stump.

Suddenly he’s in the dark woods, watching a kid look for something with his lit-up phone. The hapless teen sees a dead body and falls over. Then a wolf attacks the boy, and it’s clear Scott is watching himself, the night he turned into a werewolf.

So is Stiles, who relives the same scene — at least, his part in it — with epic music playing.

Yay! Mrs. Argent is back! She’s making excuses to Allison for her busy security consultant husband. The now-deceased redhead is so distracted, she nearly runs younger Scott over. “You almost killed him,” says back-in-the-day Allison, insisting they go back. When Mrs. Argent stops the car, Allison hops out of the car and finds something on the ground. A howl echoes through the winds. Mrs. Argent grabs the inhaler and tosses it at current-day, ghostly Allison’s feet.

Back at the vet’s, alive Allison gasps as she sits up in the tub.

All three back-from-the-dead teens talk excitedly, saying they know where the stump is. Isaac looks less excited. “You guys were out a lot time,” he says. Sixteen hours. That means the full moon will rise in four hours.

At Derek’s loft, his sister Cora is alive, well, and feeding him water. Giving up his Alpha status took a lot out of him. Peter delivers a reality check: Kali is coming in a few hours and is unlikely to have mercy on the weakened werewolf.

Scott made a deal with Deucalion and means to see it through. Plus, Jennifer is way too scary to handle sans Alphas. Deaton is on board with the plan, but Isaac is nervous about teaming up with someone who calls himself “Death destroyer of worlds.” Dude likes to give himself a lot of names. Deucalion can be bait, suggests the vet. Ethan arrives, asking Lydia to help stop his brother and Kali from killing Derek.

The parents are still all tied up in the root cellar. Mrs. McCall worries Jennifer will slash all of their throats. The suave sheriff reassures her that the darach will strangle them with a garrote first.

The effect of the lunar eclipse wasn’t such a secret because the Alphas knew about it, says Ethan. He and Lydia are at Derek’s, warning him that Aiden and Kali are coming. Peter tells his nephew to leave town, saying Lydia will know whether Derek will make it through a tangle with Jennifer alive. “I feel like I’m standing in a graveyard,” says the banshee. Buzzkill.

As Isaac, Scott, and Allison are looking for something of Chris Argent’s that’s pungent enough to smell (it’s a werewolf thing), they find they’re not alone in the hunters’ apartment. Scott’s dad is there with Chris’s arsenal splayed out. The FBI agent is annoyed he has no clue what’s going on in the town.

Teen Wolf Recap For Season 3, Episode 12: “Lunar Eclipse” — Who Died?
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Kali shows up at Derek’s, and Lydia disparages the female werewolf’s toenails. Mean girl tactics. We like it. From behind her, Aiden starts growling, showing he’s not ready to dispatch with his friend-with-benefits. A quick scene shows Peter sending Derek and Cora away.

Still crabby, Scott’s dad points out that the connection between the missing parents is odd. Isaac raises hand to say his parents are dead. Mr. McCall doesn’t care. He’s going to keep the teens there all night.

Kali mocks Aiden for his Lydia affection, while the banshee predicts violence. Just then, Jennifer crashes through the glass ceiling.

The darach knocks out Kali with her super powers, and before the twins can conjoin, she rips them apart. Kali looks at her former druid, who has used her powers to lift debris off the ground with her mind. Lydia is freaked. Through the broken glass ceiling, a nasty storm is visible. Beacon Hills has had the worst weather lately. “I should’ve ripped your head off,” snarls Kali. A shard of glass lodges in Kali’s neck, courtesy of Jennifer. A transformed Alphenstein monster rushes the English teacher, but she dispatches of him quickly. Then she quotes the coach.

After showing off her weapons knowledge, Allison manages to get ahold of a smoke grenade. She tosses it, allowing Beacon Hills’ most wanted to escape FBI detention.

The storm causes Stiles to get into a car accident. Why do they always leave the human to fend for himself?

Jennifer gets Lydia to scream by transforming into her “before druid magic makeover” self.

Road trip, postponed. The scream lures Derek and Cora back to Beacon Hills.

Now that they’ve arrived at the entrance of the woods, Stiles’s absence doesn’t worry Scott, Allison, or Isaac. They don’t even care that he’s passed out in his car with a bleeding head wound and possible concussion.

OK, Scott cares. After he meets up with Deucalion, he sends Isaac and Allison to find his buddy and to keep Jennifer away from the root cellar.

Derek isn’t exactly thrilled with the destruction (three bodies) left in Jennifer’s wake. But the darach makes him a deal: “Help me kill him and the others live.” All she wants is Deucalion dead.

The sound from Chris’s emitter brings Isaac — and his less hearing-inclined companion, Allison — to the root cellar. When Alison heads in, her dad is proud of his competent offspring. The other parents are worried about their own kids. Then the cellar starts caving in.

Poor Lydia is sad about Alpha twins. So are we. Hang on, though. The separated bodies start to stir.

Just in case you forgot, Scott has Jennifer’s number from when she texted her entire class on the first day with that Joseph Conrad quote. So he sends her a video message, showing he and Deucalion are at the distillery.

The root cellar is really in shambles now.

At the vet’s (we still love that’s where sick werewolves are treated), Deaton tells Lydia he can only help the twins if they start healing on their own.

Two people make their way towards Deucalion and Scott — Jennifer and Derek? The Alpha of Alphas is amused and makes as many druid jokes as he can fit into the span of 30 seconds. (Did you gather your herbs? Pray to your oak trees?) Then he transforms into a red-eyed werewolf.

A wolfed-out Isaac is trying to hold up the entire root cellar so it doesn’t crush them all.

Also transformed is Derek, back at distillery. Easy as pie, Deucalion lifts him and Jennifer by their necks and tosses them away. “Kill her,” he says to Scott. The teen refuses. The Alpha’s howl makes Scott’s ears hurt. Deucalion tells his would-be protege the darach is burying the parents alive. “He’ll have you kill everyone you love,” Jennifer warns. Both these villains are the worst. In his best vocal imitation of Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deucalion tells Scott, “Become the Alpha you’re meant to be.” Scott’s not worried. He says his pack will save the parents.

Another beam falls in the root cellar of doom.

Teen Wolf Recap For Season 3, Episode 12: “Lunar Eclipse” — Who Died?
Credit: MTV © and TM MTV Network    

The vet tends to his twin patients.

As Deucalion tries to force Scott to kill Jennifer, the teen wolf lights a brilliant spark, blinding everyone including the temporarily sighted Deucalion. When the mini-explosion’s effect has worn off, the eclipse has taken away the wolves’ power. “Oh, no,” moans Scott, realizing Jennifer has skedaddled.

Isaac can’t hold up the entire weight of the cellar, so the sheriff sticks a bat under the beam before it collapses. Isaac hugs him jubilantly. Can he live with the Stilinskis now?

Storm’s brewing. Or maybe it’s a tornado. Nope. It’s the darach. She’s about to end Deucalion when Derek reminds her the Alpha doesn’t know what she really looks like. This seems to affect her, so she returns his sight. “Turn to me,” she rasps, as if she’s been smoking 10 packs a day. But she looks normal. The healing temporarily stripped her of her powers. “Kill him,” she tells Derek. He declines the invitation. “Like my mother used to say, I’m a predator. I don’t have to be a killer,” he says. Werewolves makes such good parents. When Derek asks Jennifer to let the others go, she starts beating him up.

Suddenly the eclipse is over, and Derek’s eyes go blue. “Your 15 minutes are up,” he tells Jennifer. The druid makes a protective circle. Once her sacrifices are dead, she won’t need the lunar eclipse to kill a demon wolf, she says. Scott starts to push his way through the glowing circle as Back to the Future-style music plays. His eyes turn red. Eventually he steps in the circle. “How did do that?” she asks. “I’m an Alpha now,” he replies, ordering her to “make the storm stop or I’ll kill you myself. I don’t care what it does to my eyes.” Deucalion has his back. “It won’t change the color of my eyes,” he says. “Allow me.” He slashes her throat.

The storm abates over at the cellar.

Cora helps a revived Ethan as Lydia strokes Aiden’s chest. “I knew you liked me,” he says to her weakly. She likes his bare chest, at least.

Things have calmed down enough for a phone call between besties. Stiles has made it to the cellar and everyone’s alive. “Can you come get us?” he asks Scott. “Bring a ladder.”

Business isn’t quite over yet, though. Deucalion is allowed to live, provided he goes back to being a man of vision. “We’re hoping you can be that man again,” Scott tells him. “Otherwise having your eyesight back won't matter. Because you’ll never see us coming.” Alpha looks good on you, Scott.

A little concerned about all the baddies the dying-and-coming-back-to-life plan may have attracted to Beacon Hills, Allison suggests to her father that they keep their weapons at the ready and have a new code. “We protect those who cannot protect themselves,” he says, translating her French.

While Cora and Derek leave Beacon Hills (and Scott hopes his former Alpha can find peace), Mr. McCall is stick around. That doesn’t mean his son wants to see him.

The return from death weighs on both Stiles and Scott, but the werewolf tells Deaton when it gets too heavy, he looks for his friends. Then there’s a couple montage: Aiden and Lydia. Ethan and Danny. Allison and Isaac. Then, as it should be, Stiles and Scott.

As for Ms. Blake, she got away... for a bit. A flashback shows her crawling toward the stump, when a clawed hand grabs her. “Of course it’s you,” she says, looking at Peter Hale. “Everyone else suffers but somehow you come out on top.” She expects him to steal Scott’s Alpha status. “You’ll be an Alpha again,” she says snidely.

“Again?” asks Peter. Then he claws her. “I am the Alpha,” he says, channeling Deucalion-levels of shouting. “I’ve always been the Alpha.” Is it disloyal to say Alpha looks good on him, too?

That’s it until January 6, 2014!

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