Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey on How He Proposed, More Deaths in Season 3
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Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey on How He Proposed, More Deaths in Season 3

It’s already been a thrill-ride of a season on Teen Wolf. Not only have we gotten some info on the show’s biggest mysteries, Beacon Hills is currently under threat from two menaces: the Alpha pack and the darach.

Tyler Posey (Scott) was honored at Variety’s Power of Youth event for his work with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society over the weekend. When he spoke with reporters, he promised Season 3 of Teen Wolf will only get more grim and gruesome. The actor also talked about his recent engagement to longtime girlfriend Seana Gorlick.

So what can’t we expect from the upcoming season?

Scott is not going to die, my character. Stiles [Dylan O’Brien] lives.

Will there be deaths though?

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. A bunch more people die; people you know and love. Boyd [Sinqua Walls] already died, which was quite tragic. That was the hardest thing to watch because I wasn’t there to film it, so I didn’t get to see it until the finished product and it was beautiful.

Tell us about the arc for your character this season.

Oh my, this season is my favorite arc I’ve ever done in my entire life. I can’t give too much away. He’s got a lot of grown-up decisions to make; he becomes a man. I don’t know if you saw the last episode, but he showed his first glimpse of being a man and fighting back in a scary way and that was really fun to shoot and really fun to watch. So yeah my character’s arc goes all over the place this season; it goes up and down. He’s vulnerable; he cries which we’ve never really seen before. Then he becomes this all-time super hero man and he becomes the hero everyone wants him to be.

Is Scott aggressive?

Aggressive sometimes, not aggressive, it’s all over the place.

What did you use as inspiration to make you cry?

A: It’s hard because I haven’t had too many traumatic moments in my life. I mean, I have but it’s hard for me to connect that and think about it and act at the same time. It’s just different for me. So I really just think about the situation that my character is going through. It’s different though; it’s different every time. Sometimes I just force myself to cry. I don’t know how I do it, it just happens.

Did you recently get engaged?

I did, yeah almost a month ago!

How exciting is that?

Dude! It’s everything I wanted it to be, I finally feel like myself. I’ve been wanting to ask her to marry me for years now and I finally did it. And now that I’ve done it, whenever I get that moment again I ask her. It’s really cool. So honestly I love it, I love going through the motions with her and being engaged, it’s everything I wanted it to be.

What was it about her that really turned your head?

I’ve known her since I was 11 years old. I’ve been in love with her since I was 12 years old. She knows me; I know her. I’m so inspired by her. I think she’s absolutely the coolest, most raddest person ever. She’s so nice, she’s so cute, she likes to keep a quiet life like I do, we like everything the same. She’s in the business; she’s a make-up artist. She loves me, everything.

Can you tell us anything about the proposal?

Yeah we went to Hawaii for 12 days and we’d never been there before. I had the ring on me; I didn’t know if I was going to do it, I didn’t have a plan or anything. It was the first night there, we were just hanging out before dinner talking for like an hour. Just like, she’s my best friend. And I had it hidden in this drawer and I pulled it out one time and I was so damn nervous I couldn’t even smell anything. And I just asked her and it was the coolest thing in the world. Her reactions was the sweetest; I can’t even explain it. It was the best thing in the world.

And what can we expect from Scott’s love life this season?

He and Alison are kind of on the fence right now. He loves her; he will always love her but I think one of the things he has to grow up about and be a man about is letting her go, if it comes to that. But yeah, there will always be possible love interests for Scott McCall, whether it be men or girls…. You never know. I could have just thrown you off there, though.

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