Teen Wolf Season 3: Derek’s Love Interest, Mysterious Income
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Teen Wolf Season 3: Derek’s Love Interest, Mysterious Income

Though he recently got an upgrade in living arrangements, Teen Wolf’s Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) is still pretty miserable — mostly because of his missing pack members. But Season 3 isn’t all doom and gloom for the werewolf. Tyler Hoechlin tells DIY magazine that while we see different sides of Derek, some areas Mr. Hale’s life remain a mystery.

For example, just how did Derek acquire his new digs? I’ve always had fun with this, because we really don’t explain it! I don’t know if we ever will,” says Tyler. Speaking of mundane things like living arrangements and being able to pay for them, the Alpha appears to spend all his time on werewolf duties, leaving no time for a 9 to 5.

“The funny thing for me is, we kind of wonder: He lives in a burned-down house but he drives a Camaro, he always seems to have money but for no reason. He doesn’t work!” Tyler points out. “So, the story that I came up with to Jeff one day was, well, it makes total sense if his entire family died in a house fire, with the life insurance and the insurance on the house, he’s probably set for life; he’s stored it away! So now maybe he’s investing in a place and trying to grow up a little. So yeah, for me that’s always been a fun back-story to have.”

We buy that. Of course, that’s not the official story; Tyler says, “Maybe one day Jeff will explain it, but for now that’s what I think.”

This year, Derek seems to have a roommate in Isaac (Daniel Sharman), but will he be bringing any ladies back to his bachelor pad? “Yeah. I feel like this has been talked about enough to tell you, so... [shrugs] There’s a little bit of a love interest this year with Derek,” teases Tyler.

That’s all the info he gave, but at least there’s confirmation that Derek will hopefully get shirtless for something other than pull-ups.

Source: DIY

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