Teen Wolf Season 3 Premiere Top 5 OMG Moments!
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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Season 3 Premiere Top 5 OMG Moments!

So many Alphas and so little time! If Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1, “Tattoo” has left you reeling you are far from alone. Let’s revel in the awesome, shall? To do so, we’re we’re bringing you the Top 5 OMG Moments that had us hitting “rewind” — or “pause” as the abs case may be — on our DVR remotes over and over.

Tattoo You

Say what you will about Scott McCall (and many of us have said many thing) but the boy is no wuss. Having let his girlfriend go, leaving their relationship in the hands of wacky fate, he is hurting all the same. So he does what we all do when he is a heightened emotional state and not thinking clearly. He gets a tattoo.

Thankfully it is not Allison’s name in a comic sans font, but still, a tribal-style armband? Oh Scott. (Well, Scott didn’t have much of a choice since his actor, Tyler Posey, got the armband in real life and they wrote it into the show.) Luckily as a werewolf, the ink heals up almost immediately. But Scott’s not taking this lying down and he wants his money’s worth. Derek helps him keep the ink around with a little help from Mr. Blowtorch. It was a move that had us all squirming. Love is truly pain.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Premiere Top 5 OMG Moments!
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Lydia Is The New Don Draper

Adhering to the old adage that the best way to go over someone is to get under somebody else, Lydia is living the single life to the hilt. She’s got a dumb blond in her bed who is desperate to see her again, but she’s become a love ‘em and leave ‘em type in her post-Jackson world.

In Lydia’s case, denial is certainly more than a river in Egypt. She’s obviously using sex to dull the pain of everything that happened with Jackson. Can you blame her? If she’s a bit more open to others does that mean Stiles will finally get his shot with her? And if he does, will Lydia have healed enough for it to mean anything to her?

Oh Deer!

Tensions certainly ran high when Scott and Allison saw each other for the first time in practically four months. Unsure of how the other was feeling or what role they’d take in each other’s lives after their breakup, neither was prepared to bump into the other. But when Lydia’s car stopped at a red light next to Stiles’s jeep, they had no choice but to face the super-awkward music.

Luckily for them — but far from lucky for the animal in question — the awkwardness is broken in a terrifying manner when a deer barrels down the street and into Lydia’s windshield! It’s only the first in a string of terrified animals ending their own lives this episode. Whatever it means, it isn’t good.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Premiere Top 5 OMG Moments!
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Who’s the Boss?

A lot of us wondered if a pack of Alphas would have a leader and if they did, just what sort of person would they be like? We got the answer to that question and it was downright deadly. We met their leader, Deucalion, and so did Scott — even if he didn’t know it.

While Scott is frantically searching for a wounded Isaac after getting a call from his mother at the hospital, Deucalion is playing the poor, blind man who needs Scott’s help. McCall is so distracted he doesn’t notice anything is even amiss and offers the guy his shoulder to lean on. This is probably an action Scott will come to regret when he learns about Deucalion’s murdery ways.

Daddy Dearest

After everything that happened with Girard, it shouldn’t be really surprising to see that Allison’s dad is a changed man. Still, his wife’s death was a huge deal, and whatever his feelings were about his father’s tendency towards the evil, he has always been a devoted hunter.

That’s why it was so surprising to hear him insist to Allison that if they are going to stay in Beacon Hills they are also going to have to stay away from all the supernatural goings on. Talk about a complete 180! We can’t wait to see how long it takes for him to be pulled back into the fray.

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