Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9 Recap of “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”
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Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9 Recap of “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

We’ll say this for Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9, “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”: It once again highlighted the show’s ability to make a huge reveal while still leaving 6,000 questions. The darach’s identity was uncovered. While we know the who, the how, what, and why are still mysteries.

Beacon Hills is an environmentally friendly town and almost no one leaves on the lights anywhere. Hence why a female police officer is walking, gun drawn, through the darkened school at night. After stumbling upon Danny and a bunch of others practicing for a recital, the cop tells them to leave. Something’s up! When she tries to reach dispatch on her radio, Deputy Graham hears the darach chanting music. Uh-oh. Are protectors next? The deputy looks scared and sees someone dragging a body around the corner. In the showers, she finds a lifeless form... who looks exactly like her! Someone with a terrifying, melty face grabs the cop. Then her premonition of death comes true. Is the deputy psychic, too?

The junior crime solvers — aka, Scott, Allison, Stiles, and Lydia — all meet at the school. Lydia’s had another one of her visions. The girl is through with finding dead bodies and called in backup to do the dirty work. Scott obliges by noticing the cop’s body on the Beacon Hills High sign.

The Sheriff is fed up with Stiles’s theories, but once again it’s personal for the high schooler. He knew the cop — Tara. She used to help him with his math. Aw. Wait, isn’t Stiles a genius?

Mr. Argent finds Allison in bed and tells her she can skip as much school as she wants and forego extracurriculars like the recital. To be fair, roughly two out of every five murders in Beacon Hills takes place at the school, so we can see why he wouldn’t want to send his daughter there. When Chris leaves, a fully clothed Allison jumps out of bed and grabs a knife from her weapon closet.

We can’t tell if this deadly weapon is part of Allison’s regular ensemble or not. Then she opens her window and yanks Isaac into her room, putting the knife to his throat. Foreplay much? “You weren’t in school,” Isaac says. Allison assumes Scott sent him... but maybe Isaac sent himself? Allison smiles when the werewolf says he’s noticed she can take care of herself. The way to an Argent woman’s heart.

Jennifer Blake is teaching about idioms as Lydia sketches yet another tree. One example of an idiom is the phrase “seeing the whole board.” It only makes sense if you know about chess, which Stiles does because his dad plays. Extraneous information or foreshadowing? Despite it being English class, Scott and Stiles still manage to have a conversation about trying to get Ethan on their side. They need to find out if the darach was an emissary to one of the Alpha’s packs.

The twins are having an argument about Danny in the hallway. Clearly, Ethan’s a bit smitten but Aiden is annoyed. “If Deucalion asks you, would you kill him?” he wants to know. His brother asks if he’d kill him under Deucalion’s orders. Instead of answering, Aiden threatens to rip the flesh off Danny’s face and eat it if Ethan doesn’t stop seeing him. To which we say: You better not!

The boys decide to use Lydia as Aiden-bait. it works. The Alpha twin interrupts their kissing to say he’s surprised the redhead wants to get naked with him after Boyd’s death. “That was Kali. I didn’t have a choice,” he says. Suddenly, someone draws a spiral on the window. “Derek,” Aiden guesses.

Assuming that Ethan didn’t really want to kill Boyd, Scott and Stiles confront Ethan. Still, the twin is stuck. “You don’t know what we owe him, especially Deucalion,” he says, revealing that he and his brother were Omegas.

Aiden goes after Derek — but it’s actually a scratching and snapping Cora who drew the spiral.

As Omegas, the strapping twins were the bitches of their pack. Their Alpha was a nasty piece of work and Aiden and Ethan couldn’t control their twincorporation. Deucalion taught them how. Once they figured out how to merge, the brothers destroyed their pack. Oh, and their emissaries are dead. Suddenly, Ethan gets a twinge in his heart letting him know Aiden’s in trouble.

Cora looks hurt, but Aiden continues to go after her, smacking her in the head with a weight. Stiles, Scott, and Ethan rush to stop him. “You can’t do this,” Aiden’s brother tells him. Kali gave Derek until the next full moon, meaning he and Cora are off limits. As the twins skulk away, Stiles realizes the female werewolf is in bad shape.

Back at the Argents, Allison has sucked Isaac into her ditch day. She confides in him that her dad is probably the darach. The map showing all the past and future locations of the murders is pretty solid evidence. Isaac tells Allison to step back and look a the whole picture. He means literally and idiomatically. As she stares at the map, Isaac studies Allison. Luckily, she has more on her mind than hormones and realizes her dad has a five fold knot — the Celtic symbol — under the map. As she guides a black light over the knot, Isaac decides to help and holds her hand. The words on the knot read virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians. Allison and Isaac share a look.

By now even Lydia is worried about Cora. The werewolf swears her healing powers will kick in, but Stiles calls Cora suicidally crazy for taking on Aiden. “I did it for Boyd. None of you were doing anything,” Cora says. Then she calls them stupid teenagers and says all they’re good for is finding dead bodies. Ouch. We’ll let this one pass since she probably has a concussion. The ever-gallant Stiles offers to escort the addled Cora home.

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9 Recap of “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”
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Makeout, party of two! Jennifer and Derek reunite outside the school. She scolds him for leaving, saying the evil twins give her the heebie jeebies. Whatever, lady. You have the all-powerful detention slips! Derek says the twins won’t hurt her, and we wonder if she should’ve been teaching about foreshadowing instead of idioms. The bell rings. Jennifer mentions she set up a recital to honor the dead teachers and students but frets that it’s lame. Proving he’s a good werewolf boyfriend, Derek says it sounds perfect.

Allison informs Stiles about the philosophers and guardians. “You have to tell your dad,” she says. “Warn him.” Still in the car with Cora, Stiles decides to take the werewolf to meet his pops.

At Ms. Morrell’s, Scott’s stopped in for some guidance. She’s extra bitchy. “Why are you bothering with me when the clock is ticking?” she asks, reminding him someone’s about to die. She swears she’s not the killer but sounds stone cold. In fact, she says she’s been reigning in the Alphas, who want Scott. “He wants to make a killer out of you,” Ms. Morrell says of Deucalion. “That’s what he does.” Yet he also wants Scott to join his pack as a True Alpha. He can’t have it it both ways. Ms. Morrell breaks it down: Either Scott will become part of the Alpha pack or Deucalion will destroy Scott’s True Alpha potential by making him kill. Then she makes a lot of chess metaphors.

A random teacher is writing notes on the board. The second he looks away, they turn into a chalk drawing of a five-fold knot. He looks concerned. So... everyone at this school’s a druid? A piece of chalk rolls to Lydia’s feet. She walks into the empty classroom and writes a number two inside the knot. Then she screams.

Later, Lydia is upset that no one is taking the disappearance of Mr. Westover — the teacher — seriously. Being a teacher at Beacon Hills High is unusually dangerous. Lydia insists there will be a second murder, and Jennifer is a bit skeptical. “I’m psychic!” Lydia shouts. The teacher raises her eyebrow. “I’m something!” Lydia insists. Ethan points out that a deputy and a teacher don’t exactly fit a pattern.

Stiles is pacing. Cora is sitting. The sheriff is impatient. How do you tell your dad werewolves exist? Starting by reviewing all the cases he’s failed to solve isn’t the best, as Stiles learns. Then he opens up a chess board.

When Allison gets a text about the missing teacher, she decides to stop her dad’s murder spree once and for all. Isaac isn’t sure they have the right guy. “He knows everything. He’s planned everything,” Allison tells him. The scour the map and find a new mark where the victim will be sacrificed.

You have to hand it to the sheriff. He sat through explanations of werewolves, kanimas, druids, and darachs. And you can’t blame him for thinking Deaton was a kanima. These past three seasons aren’t easy to sum up in twenty minutes. Finally, though, he’s had enough. Stiles plays the chess equivalent of a trump card by asking Cora to transform. Instead, she faints.

At yet another one of Beacon Hills’ ubiquitous warehouses, Isaac and Allison spot the melty darach with its scary eyes. But it can’t be Chris Argent, because he’s looking all badass and shooting at it. The bullets bounce off. It’s too late for poor Mr. Westover, who’s dead and tied up.

Together, the gang realizes it’s not guardians the darach is after: It’s teachers. Philosophers. After all, Stiles says, the deputy, Tara, used to teach middle school. They decide to head to the recital, where dozens of teachers will be assembled.

Jennifer stands outside the school amidst a sinister wind. You in danger, girl!

After a bickering-filled father-daughter chat, Chris and Allison — and Isaac, of course — decide to head to the recital, too.

Stiles is frustrated that his father — after seeing all the strange things he’s seen — doesn’t believe in the supernatural. “You don’t believe,” Stiles says to the sheriff. “Mom would’ve believed me.” Ouch. We really wish Cora had been up for transforming.

Cute attack: Ethan smooths Danny’s hair and gives him some breath mints before the recital. “If anything happens, find me. Find me first,” the werewolf tells his human boyfriend.

Instead of hiding from her power, Lydia tells Scott she’ll embrace it in the hopes she can pre-cog a murder with enough time for him to stop it. They squeeze hands. What is going on with all these topsy-turvy hand holds?

In a hospital room, Derek sits with Cora. She has a bandage on head, which is so not normal for a werewolf.

Sheriff Stilinski charms Mrs. McCall into looking up some hospital files for her. They are going to make out one day.

With appropriately somber music, the recital starts. Lydia gets a text, summoning her away. Scott is too busy noticing Allison and Isaac entering the building together to pay attention to the girl he just touched palms with.

Mrs. McCall has found the file of a patient the Sheriff described. Though it was thought to be an animal attack because the girl had lots of slash marks, things to got weird when a bunch of birds flew into the walls and windows. Stilinski says they were sacrificing themselves, and he seems to have figured out the puzzle. It’s OK if you haven’t. The next scene will help.

Lydia walks through the school’s deserted hall. The druid music is playing. “You recognize it, don’t you,” says a voice. It’s Jennifer. The teacher clocks Lydia.

Scott and Stiles are on the hunt!

The recital continues. The players seem possessed and play the druid song madly. Even Ms. Morrell looks weird.

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9 Recap of “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”
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Yammering about sacrifice, Jennifer ties up a bleeding Lydia. “You don’t know the Alphas like I do,” she says. Er, Lydia’s been pretty naked with one, so... Anyway, Jennifer calls Lydia “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” which is our favorite Harry Potter book. Then Lydia employs her shriek as Ms. Blake starts to garrotte her. The entire werewolf population of Beacon Hills can hear her.

When Jennifer calls Lydia a banshee, she’s being quite literal. Oh well. Though Ms. Blake’s impressed, Lydia still has to die. Jen grabs both the garrotte and the knife. “One last philosopher,” she says.

The music rises to a crescendo with the musicians playing furiously. Some look like they’ve aged a few decades from the effort. The piano player gets whipped in the neck by snapped piano wire and falls over. Everyone in the hall freaks

The sheriff comes to Lydia’s rescue, but Jennifer throws a knife into his chest. We temporarily stop breathing.

In what he’ll likely later chalk up to a hallucination, the sheriff sees a transformed, growling Scott. Jennifer pushes the werewolf. Hard. Scott goes flying. Stiles is temporarily locked out of the classroom and panicked. Stilinski trains his gun on the teacher. He says years ago there was a girl who had her face and body slashed apart. “That was you,” he says. As she comes toward him, the sheriff shoots her in the leg. It seems she’s absorbed the powers of those she’s killed, because she heals immediately and says “healers.”

After she says “warriors,” Jennifer rips off the sheriff’s badge and crushes it. Then she says “virgins” and kisses him. His eyes go wide, and she turns into a monster. (Don’t ask us what power virgins have.) By the time Stiles gets through the door and Scott struggles to his feet, Jennifer has absconded through the window with the sheriff.

Next week, Jennifer is back on the crew’s side... sort off. The Alphas want her dead, so she’ll exchange her knowledge of how to save for Cora for help with the pack.

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